About Zouk n Samba



Zouk is a Latin American dance with roots in Brazil, which has gradually spread to the rest of the world. Common denominator for the lovely dance and music is the fervency, spark and play.

Zouk combines the softness and sensuality (which many love in bachata, kizomba and son) with the energy, play and technique from samba, salsa and argentine tango.

In the Danish salsa environment zouk is gradually becoming a more and more sought "product", which together with kizomba (which can be danced to the same music) fills up every dancefloor whenever the delicious music is beeing played.
When you have learned the basic steps, techniques and postores in zouk a whole new world of possibilities regarding musicality and dancing will open for you - LETS ZOUK!


Samba de Gafieira (also called Gafieira) is a partner dance to the Brazilian samba musical rhythms
Gafieira is usually a couple dance, although in artistic performances it is not uncommon to add solo variations, including steps of Samba no Pé. However Gafieira must be distinguished from "the ballroom samba".
Like zouk and argentine tango, Gafieira is danced in either open embrace, where lead and follow connect at arms length or close embrace, where the lead and follow connect chest-to-chest. Gafieira is still new in the Aarhus zouk scene, but many zouk and samba dancers has fallen in love with the happy, lovely music and dance. TRY IT!